Rabieh Catering Hut
Rabieh Catering Hut
Shishbark with rice
Shishbarak meal with rice for only 3.75 dinars
Offer Valid until 05/04/2023
Rabieh Catering Hut - North Abdoun
Amman - Abdoun - Ali Sido Al-Kurdi Street
Shishbark with rice

General Information

Name: Rabieh Catering Hut - North Abdoun
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Abdoun
Address: Ali Sido Al-Kurdi Street

Restaurant offers

Arabic coffee
Buy 4 cups of Arabic coffee and get a coffee mug for free
Al-lameh Offer
Gathering offer from Arabi Franji only for 14.95
Show youth
Sidr rice with jaja + 4 Pepsi + 4 milk + 4 daqoos + 4 water 10.00 JOD
3 kilos of zucchini stuffed with rice and meat
3 kilos of zucchini stuffed with rice and meat Cooked with ewe's milk Flavored with dry mint Only 16 dinars
Upside down chest
Upside down chest Two gages Potato eggplant flower pans, or as per request Hummus love rice a carton of milk Salad plate Only 20 dinars The weight of the chicken is approximately 1350g
Silver Hill
Silver Hill from 7.50 JD to 6.50 JD
3 kilos of grape leaves 2 kilos of zucchini stuffed with rice and meat Half a kilo of eggplant stuffed with rice and meat A kilo of lamb feathers Only 42 dinars
Sidr Kabsa
Sidr Kabsa Mandi chicken + 2 milk + 2 daqoos + 2 pickles at 8.00 dinars
Pistachio sweets
Pistachio sweets from 2.00 dinars to 1.75 dinars
Hijawi nuts 10
Halabi pistachio at a price of 14.99 dinars

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