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maroosh - Al Dhafrah

Abu Dhabi - Dhafrah - Opposite Master Phone - Near Union National Bank - Defence Road

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General Information

The original Maroosh restaurant was opened over 30 years ago in Abu Dhabi with the purpose of serving UAE residents authentic Lebanese food– cooked the traditional way. It was popular amongst both the local and expat communities, particularly Arab expats, who come to this place not just to eat good food but to spend much of their leisure time socializing, spending quality time with friends and family, taking part in lively conversations over Lebanese coffee (Kahwah). Maroosh is a place for everyone. From families earlier in the day and evening to a younger set as the night wears on. Sharing, generosity and hospitality are the hallmarks of Lebanese culture. Food is a celebration of life: Endless varieties and magical tastes…it is healthy and naturally prepared. It all comes together at mealtime, the time for a family get-together and the time for friends to catch up. It is the perfect setting too for closing that business deal. It also brings souk vibes to life. Tangy aromas and spices wafting through the air, vibrant colors on the plate, plenty of dips, sauces and salads to share—it is fresh, friendly and thoroughly Lebanese. The food is natural, hand-made and prepared fresh daily in the kitchens. Maroosh is a place to come together and enjoy a fresh take on the world’s oldest and finest traditions: real, delicious Lebanese cooking, straight from the souk.
Category: Arabic foods
Country: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi
Area: Dhafrah
Address: Opposite Master Phone - Near Union National Bank - Defence Road

maroosh Branches in Abu Dhabi

  1. Khalifa City
  2. Istiqlal
  3. Abu Dhabi Mall
  4. Al Shamkha

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