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General Information

Category: Fast food
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Sweifieh
Address: Swifiah

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Restaurant offers

Friends meal
The meal of friends is sweetened with friends for only 20 dinars
The strongest offer
Sidr Rice (Mandi - Kabsa - Biryani) 2 chicken chicken - 2 salads - 2 daqoos only for 5.50 dinars
Twin Chicken
Twin chicken burger, full and crispy, for only 2.50 jd
Chicken molokhia
Chicken Molokhia meal for only 3.75 dinars
Vietnamese fillet first toast
Vietnamese fillet toast first only for 3.49 dinars
Grape leaves, one kilo
Grape leaves, a kilo of 6 dinars, weight after wrapping
Half Grilled Mandi Chicken Meal
Mandi half grilled chicken meal with sauce 5 dinars
A kilo of shokaf with two brides
A kilo of shoqaf with two brides for free, with grilled vegetables, garlic, and red pickles, for only 12 dinars
Unknown dates
Medjool dates 1.25 d
Luxurious breakfast buffet
Daily deluxe breakfast buffet for one person for 5.95 JD

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