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rayf alearab

rayf alearab - hayi aljarf

Al Madinah - hayi aljarf - Shelf - University Road.

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General Information

We built our name in the world of restaurants by adopting a quality approach to the quality of the ingredients for the efficiency of the employees and cleanliness. Discover our menu to prepare the most popular food with the best ingredients to prepare delicious dishes of rice, oil and grains And seasoning.
Category: Asian Food
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Al Madinah
Area: hayi aljarf
Address: Shelf - University Road.

rayf alearab Branches in Al Madinah

  1. Hay Al Arrayed
  2. Imam Bukhari Street
  3. mumshaa alhijra

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Commentرامي الصيدلاني


الخدمة سيئه من ناحية التوصيل لاكثر من مرا

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