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Hardees - Al Ain Mall

Abu Dhabi - Al Ain - Food Court - Level 2

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General Information

Hardees Is a chain of international fast food restaurants, mostly located in the south and Midwest regions of the United States. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. It has branches in Egypt, Morocco, UAE and other countries
Category: Fast food
Country: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi
Area: Al Ain
Address: Food Court - Level 2

Hardees Offers - Al Ain Mall

  1. Large combo chicken sandwich
  2. Chicken sandwich combo-medium
  3. Large chicken wrap combo
  4. Chicken Wrap Combo - Medium
  5. Double cheeseburger combo - medium
  6. Fire Chicken Sandwich Combo - Large
  7. Medium combo hamburger
  8. Combo hamburger - large
  9. Cheeseburger Combo - Medium
  10. Large combo cheeseburger
  11. Double cheeseburger combo - large
  12. Double cheeseburger combo medium
  13. Double chicken combo sandwich - large
  14. Double chicken combo sandwich - medium
  15. Deluxe blazing chicken with tabasco
  16. Blazing deluxe burger with tabasco
  17. Blazing burger deluxe meal with Tabasco
  18. Raptor Box
  19. Double Raptor Box
  20. Quattro Raptor Box
  21. Deluxe blazing chicken meal with Tabasco

Hardees Branches in Abu Dhabi

  1. Tourist Club Area
  2. Al Wahda Mall
  3. Khalidiyah Mall
  4. Abu Dhabi Mall
  5. Khalifa City
  6. Al Dhafrah
  7. Mussafah Shabiya
  8. Baniyas
  9. Al Shahama
  10. Abu Dhabi University
  11. More...

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