Salwa and Fayrouz Manakish
Salwa and Fayrouz Manakish
Salwa and Fayrouz Manakish - Al Shamisaniu
Amman - Shmeisani - Opposite the Sultan Cafe
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General Information

Pastries, manakish, pizza, cold drinks
Category: pastry
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Shmeisani
Address: Opposite the Sultan Cafe

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Restaurant offers

16 pieces of potato samosa
16 pieces of potato samosa for only 2 dinars
20 pieces of tender
20 pieces of tender (boneless chicken) + 2 coleslaw + 2 mtawameh + 1 fries only for 10 dinars
Mini pancake 24 pieces
For only 2.99 dinars
A kilo of mix and 2 brides loaf
A kilo of mix + 2 bride loaf for only 10 dinars. All offers and items include appetizers (hummus - mtawameh - pickles - grilled onions and tomatoes)
Zucchini with tomatoes
3 kilos of zucchini Stuffed with rice and meat Cooked with 100% natural tomato juice Flavored with garlic Only 16 dinars
Friends Meal
The meal of friends and sweet gatherings with crispy at the strong price of 9.95 dinars 8 pieces of chicken, 8 tender chicken (boneless chicken), 3 garlic, 3 bread, family fries, and a liter of Pepsi.
Offer Ramadan meals
A meal of rice + a piece of chicken + a can of milk + a can of sauce only for 1.85 dinars (offer for quantities of 50 meals or more)
3 large pizzas
3 large pizzas only for 13.50 dinars
Crepe plate + soft drink + sweet breath for only 6 dinars
Supreme Offer
Double Supreme Power Order now Twin Supreme and satisfy your hunger! 2 supreme sandwiches, 1 fries, 1 Pepsi 2.99 JD

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