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Amman - Deir Ghbar - Sloud Street
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Category: Fast food
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Deir Ghbar
Address: Sloud Street

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Restaurant offers

Delivery is free
Free delivery to Aden district only - neighboring areas only dinars
Winter's Tale Show
A kilo of mixed grill (baladi meat) which includes: - 6 kebab skewers - 3 pieces - 3 shish tawook Half a kilo of lamb chops and 3 pieces of arayes. Of course, we don't forget the appetizers. Mutabal, Turkish salad, parsley, fattoush salad, and of course bread and dessert. Hekayet El Rabieh At a price of 34.99 dinars only, including tax and service
Bride loaf
Arayes loaf only for 50 piasters
A kilo of shish
A kilo of shish + onions, tomatoes and pickles for only 7.50 dinars
Whole grain almonds
Whole almonds from 5.00 JD to 4.50 JD
Regular shawarma meal
Regular shawarma meal + accessories for only 1.85 dinars
Delivery to Al-Aqsa suburb
Al-Aqsa suburb 1 dinar instead of 2 dinars
1 kg Iraqi dolma
1 kg Iraqi dolma 20 dinars It is enough for 3 persons The meal is 6 dinars
Tender meal
Only 7 dinars 10 pieces of tender chicken + 2 mtawameh + 2 bread + 2 fries + 1 liter cola
Show the problem
4 kilo mix + 2 chicken tikka on charcoal + 10 brides + onions and tomatoes + service: only for 40 dinars

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