Chef Omar
Chef Omar
Chef Omar - Nazzal neighborhood
Amman - Hay Nazzal - Al-Dustour Street - next to Al-Shaab Roastery
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General Information

Chef Omar Restaurant is a restaurant in Jordan that serves a selection of Arabic cuisine Their best selling dishes are 500g box, large plate and small hummus fatteh, but they have other options like main dishes
Category: Homs and Falafel
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Hay Nazzal
Address: Al-Dustour Street - next to Al-Shaab Roastery

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Restaurant offers

Saudi coffee
Buy 4 Saudi coffee boxes and get a free coffee mug
6 kg half of lamb stuffed ouzi
6 kg half of lamb stuffed ouzi 120 dinars Serves 10 people
Delivery to Al-Aqsa suburb
Al-Aqsa suburb 1 dinar instead of 2 dinars
fast rap
Order your breakfast to your office or home and it will be delivered to you hot and delicious! For only 1.50
Silver Hill
Silver Hill from 7.50 JD to 6.50 JD
3 kilo mix offer
3 kilo mix offer + onions and tomatoes + service: only for 22 dinars
Charcoal chicken
Charcoal chicken breasts for 7 dinars (onions and grilled tomatoes + garlic dip + pickles + potatoes + bread)
Savings offer
The savings offer consisting of 40 pieces of chicken shawarma + accessories for only 8 dinars
Feather pottery
Feather pottery: only for 9 dinars
Zaatar roll
Thyme roll + a cup of tea only for 0.60 dinars

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