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Mandarine Koueider

Mandarine Koueider - Ramses Street

Heliopolis - Heliopolis - Beside Credit Agricole Bank

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General Information

With over 90 years of distinguished quality and perfection, the Koueider family began in a small area in old Damascus. The Koueider Family had an idea to create a new kind of oriental sweets and pastries. In 1926 they took their dream to Egypt, and two years later, in 1928, this dream became a reality and the first shop was opened in downtown Cairo. It wasn’t long before this unique idea flourished into the world renowned Koueider Sweets. They continued creating the finest oriental sweets and introduced special kinds of products.
Category: Desserts
Country: Egypt
City: Heliopolis
Area: Heliopolis
Address: Beside Credit Agricole Bank

Mandarine Koueider Branches in Heliopolis

  1. Masaken Sheraton
  2. El Korba

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