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Trianon - Sporting

Alexandria - Sporting - Inside Sporting Club

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General Information

Trianon aims to satisfy your senses with its signature chocolates & pastries, while giving you a taste of indulgence with a Five-star restaurant & cafe. Trianon is Greek in origin and also downtown, and has expanded over the years. Trianon founded two Greeks, Andrea Drikos and George Pericles, in 1905 at Ramla Station. It was originally a sweets and chocolate shop, as well as a café where people could enjoy a piece of cake with tea. The place was a pleasure to be in, whether because of its location that occupies three streets, Saad Zagloul Street, Safiya Zagloul Street and the street overlooking the eastern port, or because of its beautiful interior design with wood paneling and Art Deco women's drawings on panels by an Italian painter. Cakes and chocolates were the ultimate delight
Category: coffee shop
Country: Egypt
City: Alexandria
Area: Sporting
Address: Inside Sporting Club

Trianon Branches in Alexandria

  1. Mahta Al Raml
  2. San Stefano
  3. Rushdie

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