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FROZ - Al-Naqra neighborhood

Ha'il - Hail - Fahad Al-Arifi Road

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General Information

Froze Company was established in 2012, as it started its work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Frooz group of companies specializes in the manufacture of ice cream and frozen yogurt in a variety of different ways. During the past nine years, it was able to make itself a large entity and was able to occupy the commercial market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As it became the most famous distributor of ice cream and frozen desserts, it made itself different by having a service that is not found in competing companies, which is the ability of the customer to make what he wants by himself and ingredients of his choice, and with this success achieved by this company by providing its products in a different way from other companies made everyone It is flocked to it from all the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it has more than one branch in each of the governorates of the Kingdom
Category: Juices and ice cream
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Ha'il
Area: Hail
Address: Fahad Al-Arifi Road

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