Moroccan taste
Moroccan taste
Moroccan taste - Almahalah
Abha - abha - King Fahd Road

General Information

The Moroccan Taste Group is a leading Saudi group specialized in the world of cafes, distinguished among its competitors, despite its 11 years of success. Our passion and long-standing experience are the secret behind our success in meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers to reach our goal, which is for the consumer to enjoy a cup of the finest types of hot and cold drinks, which are carefully selected and skillfully selected. Among the thousands of farms around the world where we did not know of a land where coffee or tea was grown, but we were the first to bring the treasures of the cup collected by skilled hands to put them in the hands of our customers on a plate of love and satisfaction. And because we have spent a lifetime professionally reading the needs of the consumer, we have accumulated full knowledge and experience of the mood and taste of our customers, which enabled us to be present and compete in the market ably and with a presence we are proud of, and through which we offer products that cannot be compared, starting with the luxurious Moroccan tea, this combination that made us unique and remained our secret Which we preserve and nurture forever, distinguished by its inherent quality and antiquity. We followed it up with Turkish coffee Wonderful. The most important thing to say about it is that it is a product that belongs to us in the field of hot drinks, and other products rolled out, such as the distinguished group, which includes a wide variety of distinctive coffee types in addition to the unique tea group, thanks to God Almighty to the excellence of the Moroccan Taste Factory, which specially manufactures our products with professional hands Capable and according to international competitive standards to bring our drink to the consumer at its best Which led to an increase in your confidence in us and the request for our products to be enjoyed everywhere and at any time so that the wonderful coffee establishment (Elegant) was opened, which is interested in selling and distributing products of special taste.
Category: coffee shop
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Abha
Area: abha
Address: King Fahd Road

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