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coffee shop company

coffee shop company - City Square Mall

Cairo - Al Rehab - Restaurants area

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General Information

The concept of a coffee shop company was born in 1999 and the first branch was opened in Vienna, and now we have more than 290 branches around the world, and in the Middle East where our branches have spread in the Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt and now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Riyadh was opened in 2014 Now you can enjoy tasting good-tasting coffee
Category: coffee shop
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo
Area: Al Rehab
Address: Restaurants area

coffee shop company Branches in Cairo

  1. 33 Abu Al Feda Street
  2. river street
  3. Hub 50 Mall
  4. Nile Corniche
  5. Genena Mall
  6. City Stars Mall
  7. Taiba Outlet Mall
  8. Porto Cairo Mall
  9. Mirage Mall
  10. Patcho New Cairo
  11. More...

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