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Mado - Al Maqtaa
Abu Dhabi - Al Maqtaa - Al Qana Waterfront
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General Information

Mado Ice-cream, which has earned well-deserved fame all over the world with its unique flavor, has a long history of 300 years. This is the history of the “step by step” transformation of a savor tradition called Karsambac (snow mix) that entirely belongs to Anatolia. Karsambac is made by mixing layers of snow – preserved on hillsides and valleys via covering them with leaves and branches – with fruit extracts in hot summer days. In time, this mixture was enriched with other ingredients such as milk, honey, and salep, and turned into the well-known unique flavor of today. The secret of the savor of Mado Ice-cream lies, in addition to this 300 year-old tradition, in the climate and geography where it is produced. This unique flavor is obtained by mixing the milk of animals that are fed on thyme, milk vetch and orchid flowers on the high plateaus on the hillsides of Ahirdagi, with sahlep gathered from the same area. All fruit flavors of Maras Ice-cream are also made through completely natural methods, with pure cherries, lemons, strawberries, oranges and other fruits. Mado is the outcome of the transformation of our traditional family workshop that has been ice-cream makers for four generations, into modern production plants. Ice-cream and other products are prepared under cutting edge hygiene and quality standards in these world-class modern plants and are distributed under necessary conditions to our stores across Turkey and abroad; presented to the appreciation of your gusto, the esteemed gourmet.
Category: Turkish Food
Country: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi
Area:  Al Maqtaa
Address: Al Qana Waterfront

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