Jordanian Tahrir Koshary
Jordanian Tahrir Koshary
Jordanian Tahrir Koshary - Tla Al Ali
Amman - Tlaa' Al Ali - Al Jorof Street
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General Information

Jordanian Tahrir Koshary is a famous Egyptian food restaurant. Koshari restaurant is popular food, Egyptian food, delicious food, food and sweets
Category: Arabic foods
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Tlaa' Al Ali
Address: Al Jorof Street
Contact Details:
Full name: Chef Shadi Alsayouri

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شادي السيوري
شادي السيوري
الكشري طيب جدا و كميته كبير و الام علي تستحق التجربه.. بتمنى تستمروا عنفس الأداء

Restaurant offers

3 kilo mix
3 kilos of mix + 10 brides + Turkish bread + accessories for only 28 dinars
Family snacks
Family snacks (8 sandwiches of your choice - zinger - fajita - chicken pizza - scallops - Philadelphia - chicken or beef burger) + 1 coleslaw + 1 mtawameh + 1 fries only for 10 dinars
Strong presentation
Buy 2 medium pizzas of any kind for 6.99 dinars, including tax
Peeled almonds
Peeled almonds (halves, quarters) 5.00 d
Giant burger
Burger sandwich 150 gm + double cheese: only for 1.70 dinars
Chicken Day
8 pieces of chicken (chicken) 1 bread 1 garlic Only 3.75 dinars
Twin Chicken
Twin chicken burger, full and crispy, for only 2.50 jd
A kilo of zucchini is ready to be cooked
A kilo of ready-to-cook zucchini stuffed with rice and meat, 6 dinars
Meal for two
Medium pizza + 2 garlic bread + 1 salad + 2 Pepsi for only 5.50 dinars
The second show
4 pieces of chicken + small fries + cola + coleslaw + mtawameh + bread for 2.75 dinars

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