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Category: French food
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: City Mall

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Restaurant offers

Fire show
empty kilo Half a kilo of crunch Header text Fatteh plate soup pickle Instead of 25 dinars ❌ Only for 20 dinars
American Heart Nut Comber
American Comber Nuts from 3.50 to 3.00 Dinar
Natural juices + the sweetest breath only for 4 dinars
Offers month of goodness from the people on the occasion of the holy month
And as we promised you the strongest offers from the people's toasters, we are honored
Hill people
Hill Al-Shaab from 6.50 dinars to 5.50 dinars
4 large pizzas
4 large pizzas of your choice + 2 liters of cola + free family fries: only for 15 dinars
Savings offer
8 Crispy Pieces + 8 Broasted Pieces, all for only 9.95 dinars
400 gm burger
(meat or chicken) the meal is 5.40 dinars
Chicken sajia
Chicken Sajia, including tax and service, is only 6.25 dinars
Lahmeh bi ajeen with eggs and double cheese
Meat in dough with eggs and double cheese for only 3.25 dinars

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