Telfah - downtown
Irbid - Downtown - Near the Clock Roundabout - Entrance to Telfah Jewelery
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Hummus, beans and falafel are the best
Category: Homs and Falafel
Country: Jordan
City: Irbid
Area: Downtown
Address: Near the Clock Roundabout - Entrance to Telfah Jewelery

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Restaurant offers

The strongest offer
Sidr Rice (Mandi - Kabsa - Biryani) 2 chicken chicken - 2 salads - 2 daqoos only for 5.50 dinars
Fajjita meal
Special offer from Yahya Al Beik Restaurant
Mixed Baklava
Mixed Baklava for only 3 dinars Buy 2 kilos of Mixed Baklava for only 5 dinars
Double Meal
For the price of 3 dinars, order a double meal and take it as a triple meal with service, with two boxes of salad, a piece of kibbeh, and two boxes of sauce of your choice
Ramadan Offer 10
Mansaf chest 3 kilos only for 35 dinars
12 Peac's of Broasted
12 pieces of broast for only 6 dinars instead of 8.75 dinars
Round Cake
Circular template with a photo of your loved one printed, enough for 8 to 10 people, only 6 dinars
Cake Offer
Catch up on cake molds of all sizes
Cake for 12 people
Cake enough for 12 people for 8 dinars
Italian shawarma meal
Italian shawarma meal for 2.75

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