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Hamburgini -

Riyadh - Al Manar -

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General Information

It is a fast food restaurant in Saudi Arabia, specializing in the manufacture of burgers of all kinds, established since 2013, the restaurant is distinguished by its focus on the two most important components of any burger, which is meat and bread, where the restaurant cooks and bakes bread, which provides quality and an appropriate price.
Category: Fast food
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Riyadh
Area: Al Manar

Hamburgini Branches in Riyadh

  1. Al Malaz
  2. Al Olaya
  3. Gulf Center
  4. Al Malqa
  5. Dhahrat Laban
  6. Kingdom Center
  7. Granada Mall
  8. Al Mohammadiyyah
  9. Al Suwaidi Al Gharabi
  10. More...

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