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Starbucks - Mecca Mall

Amman - Mecca Mall - Mecca Mall, Amman

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Starbucks Branches in Amman

Telephone: +962 6 5922664
Telephone: +962 6 5512427
Telephone: +962 6 5813986
5. Branch Name: Al Jamaa street
Address: Al Jamaa street
6. Branch Name: Al Madina Street
Address: Al Madina Street
7. Branch Name: Galleria Mall
Address: Galleria Mall, Amman
8. Branch Name: Taj Mall
Address: Taj Mall, Amman
9. Branch Name: Wadi Saqra
Address: Wadi Saqra DT, Amman
10. Branch Name: Al Rabia Towers
Address: Al Rabia Towers, Abdullah Ben Rawahah St., Amman
11. Branch Name: Shmesani
Address: Shmesani
12. Branch Name: Abdali
Address: Abdali Blvd, Amman
13. Branch Name: Abdali
Address: Abdali boulevard Complex No 5, Ibn Al، Nadim Al-Mallah St 5, Amman
Telephone: +962 6 592 3076

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