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Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee - the Promenade Mall

Hawalli - Hawalli - Hawalli Governorate - Hawalli - Inside the Promenade Mall - First Floor

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General Information

We want to be day-makers for our favorite people (that’s you!) with the top beans, real chocolate mochas, seasonal drinks & yummy eats. Because life is about a lot more than coffee. That's why there's coffee.
Category: coffee shop
Country: Kuwait
City: Hawalli
Area: Hawalli
Address: Hawalli Governorate - Hawalli - Inside the Promenade Mall - First Floor

Caribou Coffee  Branches in Hawalli

  1. Hamidiya Complex
  2. Al Shaab Cooperative Association
  3. Mall 360
  4. Al-Shaab
  5. Hawalli
  6. the Sea Center
  7. The Ministry of Housing
  8. the Public Authority for Civil Information
  9. Hittin Cooperative Association
  10. Bayan Cooperative Society
  11. More...

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