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El Greco

El Greco - Jumeirah

Dubai - Jumeira - Shop 43 - North - La Mer - Jumeirah 1

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General Information

El Greco" also known as Dominikos Theotokopoulos was a Greek painter, sculptor and architect that is considered as one of the most celebrated artists of the Spanish Renaissance. In the same fashion as the great artist, El Greco Arabia, aims into bringing traditional Mediterranean Greek Street Food on the 21st century. Our vision is to take thousand year old recipes and turn them into cutting-edge contemporary dishes that combine delicious and nutritional elements with friendly and affordable prices. We're the first Greek inspired meat restaurant in Dubai - serving prime cuts of Australian Beef and lamb everyday - its Greekin delicious
Category: Greek Food
Country: UAE
City: Dubai
Area: Jumeira
Address: Shop 43 - North - La Mer - Jumeirah 1

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