Subway - Al Raha Mall
Abu Dhabi - الراحة - Food Court - Level 2
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General Information

Subway is a chain of fast food restaurants. The first Subway restaurant in the world was opened in 1965. The restaurant's activity is based on healthy, fresh, fat-free sandwiches and salads. The restaurant prepares the sandwich in front of the customer. Subway is famous as a restaurant serving healthy sandwiches and salads
Category: Fast food
Country: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi
Area: الراحة
Address: Food Court - Level 2

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Restaurant offers

Small Pizza
Small Pizza at AED19 each when you buy 2 and more pizzas
Mix Hanan
Five pieces of brownies / chocolate sauce / pistachio sauce / lotus sauce / white chocolate sauce / chocolate sauce / pieces of kinder / chopped pistachios / lotus powder / Oreo biscuits 29.00 AED
Burnt Ends
Texas beef brisket cubed, pickle, fried onion strings, bread - choose from plain, spicy or cheesy 48.75 AED
Crepe offer
Choose one of the types of crepe: Nutella, lotus, pistachio or kinder with one of the orange, watermelon or pomegranate juices. 36.00 AED
Crispy chicken ranch
Fresh crispy chicken topped with creamy ranch sauce and special crunch sauce with melted cheddar cheese and coleslaw salad. 33.00 AED
rap duo
Tandoori chicken tikka wrap 49.00 AED
Down ‘n’ Dirty Fries
French fries, cheddar cheese, salsa, baked beans, jalapenos, sour cream, rich & sassy 28.5 AED
Chocolate Tray 2 KGS
Assorted Chocolates 630.00 AED
rap show
Choose any 4 wraps served with 4 french fries. 79.00 AED
Offer for 8 persons
Choose 8 sliders from gb, flames, classic crispy, flames, served with alumu cheese, gb sauce, dynamite sauce and french fries. 139.00 AED

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