Kansas Fried Chicken
Kansas Fried Chicken
Kansas Fried Chicken - Al Mohandessin
Cairo - Mohandessin - 44 Shehab Street - near Club Aldo
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General Information

Kansas Fried Chicken is a restaurant in Egypt that serves sandwiches Their best selling dishes are Titans Box Offer, 321 Mix Combo Meal, Arezo and Snack Box Saver Meal, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Special Offers, Kansas Meals, Side Items and Saver Meals.
Category: Fast food
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo
Area: Mohandessin
Address: 44 Shehab Street - near Club Aldo

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Restaurant offers

Chicken wrap sandwich
Crispy chicken breasts, lettuce and Thousand Island sauce, served in tortilla bread 65.00 EGP
duet show
It consisted of 2 large sandwiches from the chicken menu + 2 medium fries + 2 cola pockets for 199 pounds, including tax.
Family show
B 435 pounds It consists of 6 bites sandwiches of your choice, with a box of 10 Hawawshi bites, 2 cheddar potato dishes and a liter of Coca-Cola.
Single duet shot
2 classic shots single + fries + pepsi 129.00 EGP
The precious makes you cheap
The expensive is cheap for the expensive, and there is no one with Monginis that is more precious than you… Now our customers’ favorite cake, the duet heart, is 275 instead of 325 pounds.
Tommy sandwich
Mini crispy chicken breast burger with a slice of cheese, lettuce and cheese sauce inside Heart Attack's special bread. 55.00 EGP
Ezz meal offer 2
1 liver loaf, 1 sausage loaf of your choice, 1 meat loaf, 1 potato loaf, 1 tomato and pickles. 69.00 EGP
Lomi sandwich
Mini grilled beef burger with a slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce and cheddar cheese sauce, inside our special heart attack bread. 55.00 EGP
Offer of 50 pounds
Offer the 50 pounds to Maksar Al-Dunya Prices are increasing for everyone, except for El Reem Shawarma Order now the dangerous offer to the broken world Saj chicken or saj kofta with saj fries + pickles + tome
Show Family Deal
Half grilled chicken, 3 kofta pieces, 3 shish tawook pieces, family basmati rice, sauce, bread, 2 brownies and 2 Coca-Cola cans. 259.00 EGP

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