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Belgrave - Al Madina Al Riyadiya

Abu Dhabi - almadena alryadia - Near Department of Health Abu Dhabi Head office - Tunb Al Kubra Street

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General Information

I could hardly see above the counter in the beginning, but the smell of food drew me closer each time. I could see the knife as it motioned in the air and down to slice the meat and vegetables being prepared for our meals. His hands almost danced in the air and I grew to watch a thousand meals being created. His charm was not just in the deliciousness of the meals that he cooked, it was in the way it was presented on the dishes. As though each dish was a bride, beautiful and eloquently placed, surrounded by bridesmaids of garnish, I was eager to learn. My grandfather was the head chef to the monarchy of Iran, his legacy was succeeded by my mother and I now honour their teachings. I wanted to put together a venue that brought together all of my passion and achievements under one roof and call it my own. I wanted to set the ambience where my guests felt they have escaped even for just a moment in time. Situated in a rural cusp of a cosmopolitan urban area, the combination of flavours, smells and light does just that. The Belgrave menu has been inspired by people I met through my travels, advice and guidance from the older generation. What you see has been created with love, passion, energy and excitement. My colleagues and I wish you a pleasant experience and always look forward to seeing you.
Category: Iranian Food
Country: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi
Area: almadena alryadia
Address: Near Department of Health Abu Dhabi Head office - Tunb Al Kubra Street

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