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House of Cocoa

House of Cocoa - Maxim Mall

Cairo - New Cairo - Restaurants area

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General Information

Chocolates Chocolates and more Chocolates, the No.1 Spot in Cairo for your Chocolate needs selling Chocolates from all around the World! We provide a unique retail chocolate experience through our boutique style shop to raise the bar of the delicious chocolate definition. Offers real premium quality chocolates to serve all genders and age groups satisfying different tastes, Fulfills every desire and complements each appetite. Our products suit every chocolate fanatic due to our personal touch addition and its special customization
Category: Desserts
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo
Area: New Cairo
Address: Restaurants area

House of Cocoa Branches in Cairo

  1. Masr Al Jadidah
  2. Al Maadi
  3. City Stars
  4. Down Town Mall
  5. Cairo Festival City
  6. Point 90 Mall
  7. Tivoli White
  8. Dar Al Fouad Hospital
  9. central Park

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