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Barns - Al Haramain

Al Madinah - Madina El Monawara - King Khaled Branch Road

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General Information

since 1992 Barnes is the first modern and completely local coffee brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At Barnes, you can taste the bitterness and sweetness, strength and temperament of coffee, pure black or rich cream, every cup of coffee at Barnes is a new experience waiting for you to experience. Barnes is unique in providing hot coffee with a rich flavor and distinctive taste that opens new doors for you to delve deeper into thinking and sail your imagination
Category: coffee shop
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Al Madinah
Area: Madina El Monawara
Address: King Khaled Branch Road

Barns  Branches in Al Madinah

  1. Al Hijrah
  2. Al Muhammadiyah Boulevard
  3. Sasco station

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