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General Information

Category: Shawarma
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: Sweifieh

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Restaurant offers

Half a kilo of plate
Half a kilo of 20 tablets for only 5 dinars
Chicken tikka
8 pieces of chicken for only 9.95 dinars
15 pieces of meat samosa
15 pieces of meat samosa for only 3 dinars
Baby shrimp 800 gr
Baby shrimp 800 grams only for 6.99 dinars
Mix Mahashi
One and a half kilos of zucchini 2 kilos of grape leaves Half a kilo of eggplant Stuffed with rice and meat Cooked ready 26 dinars
Mixed family meal
Mixed family meal enough for 6 to 8 only for 49.95 dinars and free delivery
1 chicken
1 chicken on any type of rice (Zarb / Mandi / Biryani / Kabsa / Ouzi) - 9 dinars
Regular shawarma meal
Regular shawarma meal: only for 1.50 dinars
Kebab sandwich 100
Kebab sandwich, 100 gm of pigeon bread, for only 1.00 dinars
Featured offer
Maallaq pottery + meat pottery with vegetables + pottery sausages + pottery tomatoes with meat #The price is only 10 dinars

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