Qasr Al Mandi
Qasr Al Mandi
Qasr Al Mandi - The 5th Settlement
Cairo - The 5th Settlement - 4 / 5 S - the second district - next to El Mahalawy Market - in front of the International Hospital
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General Information

“Qasr Al Mandi” restaurant is an oriental food and grill restaurant. Qasr Al-Mandi restaurants were established in 2004 and are specialized in grilling, especially Mandi. The restaurant also prepares parties and weddings, in addition to that, there is a butcher inside the restaurant and the meat comes from the restaurant’s farms
Category: Oriental Food
Country: Egypt
City: Cairo
Area: The 5th Settlement
Address: 4 / 5 S - the second district - next to El Mahalawy Market - in front of the International Hospital

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Restaurant offers

Single Plus Show
Wrap, 1 piece of brisket, 1 medium fries, small coleslaw 150.00 EGP
Value Family Box
4 sandwiches, 4 medium french fries and liter soft drink 330.00 EGP
Offer rice with milk
For 65 EGP, you will get an offer of rice with milk, lotus and Oreo
Show the single
Pizza strips + a packet of fries for only 65 pounds
10 thousand pounds
Every week, you can win 10,000 EGP when you make any super size sandwich from Wimpy for 10 EGP
Kofta sandwich
Kofta sandwich + pane sandwich + fries + cans (50 instead of 80)
Pastawese Mix
Golden crunch sandwich with white sauce pasta, crispy chicken 20 ounces with 2 Pepsi 109 EGP
The precious makes you cheap
The expensive is cheap for the expensive, and there is no one with Monginis that is more precious than you… Now our customers’ favorite cake, the duet heart, is 275 instead of 325 pounds.
B 235 pounds 2 shawarma bites sandwiches with 4 Hawawshi bites, 3 chicken strips, fries, fried bread, tomeyeh and pickles
2 shami kofta sandwiches
2 shami kofta sandwiches + a box of tahini for only 50 pounds

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