Pizza SQRD
Pizza SQRD
Pizza SQRD - Seventh Circle
Amman - 7th Circle - Al Ezz Bin Abdel Salam Street - Building No. 20 - Next to the Become A Mom Boutique
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General Information

With our signature highly hydrated airy dough and a crispier exterior like you’ve never witnessed (or tasted) before; Pizza SQRD is so light that you will keep asking for more! Our Italian trifecta of flour, tomatoes and cheese guarantees Italian originality, while using only fresh local produce gives you a taste of home; a heavenly balance made at Pizza SQRD. A more nutritious option, Pizza SQRD is stomach-friendly with a dough rich in Omega-3 and vitamins B & E. With a variety of signature SQRD pizzas, we also offer a seasonal pasta, salad and dessert to make your SQRD experience even richer, catering to all taste buds and culinary preferences, from vegans and vegetarians to meat lovers… You will find just the thing for you. We take pride in serving gourmet quality, with fresh and superior pizza in every square
Category: Pizza
Country: Jordan
City: Amman
Area: 7th Circle
Address: Al Ezz Bin Abdel Salam Street - Building No. 20 - Next to the Become A Mom Boutique

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د. احمد البديري
د. احمد البديري
تأخير ٤٥ دقيقة لوصول الطلبية .. البيتزا عادية جدا و وصلت باردة .

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