Subway - Khalidiyah Mall
Abu Dhabi - Khalidiya - Food Court - Level 2
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General Information

Subway is a chain of fast food restaurants. The first Subway restaurant in the world was opened in 1965. The restaurant's activity is based on healthy, fresh, fat-free sandwiches and salads. The restaurant prepares the sandwich in front of the customer. Subway is famous as a restaurant serving healthy sandwiches and salads
Category: Fast food
Country: UAE
City: Abu Dhabi
Area: Khalidiya
Address: Food Court - Level 2

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special offer
1 just burger sandwich and 1 dynamite fries 46.00 AED
Regular Ultimate Crunch Meal
2 chicken crunch, value fries and coca-cola 17.00 AED
1 tender wrap and 1 piece tender value meal
1 tender wrap, 1 piece tender, with a value drink 16.00 AED
Abu Rayan 10 tablets
Blackberry and kinder. 45.00 AED
Melt value mushroom burger meal
2 oz Australian beef patty, topped with mushroom sauce, served in toasted bread, served with french fries and a drink. 18.00 AED
Crispy chicken meal
Breaded chicken patty topped with lettuce and mayonnaise served with french fries and a drink. 19.00 AED
Brioche sharing box
A box contains 4 burgers from Manhattan Burger, Cheeky Twist Burger, Maple Sriracha Burger, Angus Brioche, Inside Out Burger. Your choice of 6 pieces of dynamite chicken or dynamite shrimp and french fries with 3 gb sauces. 160.00 AED
mega width
2 medium pizzas, 2 potato wedges, 2 pastas and Coca-Cola 2.25 liter. 155.00 AED
Offer for 8 persons
Choose 8 sliders from gb, flames, classic crispy, flames, served with alumu cheese, gb sauce, dynamite sauce and french fries. 139.00 AED

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